Friday, September 14

The Bolt - Gun Metal - $29.95 FS!

Gun Metal Finish - Free Shipping.

...its Surevapes

Im a big Bolt fan. I own 3 of them.  Its solid and works every time its used.  Smoktech has started putting out cheaper plastic versions of the bolt and I think these are on the way to being retired.  The finish on this bolt is just amazing - a smooth dark chrome.  Solid metal construction.  It will last a long time.

A simple 510 tube mod that uses a 18500 battery. You can buy an optional extender ring that will allow the bolt to use a 18650.   

At 29.95 with free shipping its the best deal going.  I have seen a lot of vendors sell these for 32.00+ and they all charge shipping.   They also sell a full Chrome model for the same price.



The Bolt in a gun metal finish - $29.95 - Free Shipping.