Chrome Lavatube 2.0 Full Kit - $49.95


...its aquavaporcig


1)  Adjust the Electronic Cigarette voltage from 3v to 6v by pressing the + of - button, the higher the voltage the more vapor produced from the Electronic Cigarette.

2)  Short circuit self-protection. When atomizer resistance is below 1.3ohm, or incorrect usage (such as reverse battery) leading to short circuit, the Electronic Cigarette device will turn itself off.

3)  The max working current is up to 3.5 amps. But we limit the atomizer resistance to 1.3ohms, if below 1.3 Ohms the Electronic Cigarette device will turn itself off.

4)  Regulated output which keeps the voltage the same with each puff - regardless of your remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the device will keep the voltage consistent.

5)  NEW - Metal caps for both top and bottom of  Electronic Cigarette device for added durability.

6)  NEW - Larger 3mm Vent hole on the bottom cap of the Electronic Cigarette device for added safety

7)  NEW - When you use a voltage meter or testing tool to test the Electronic Cigarette voltage, there will be only 0.2v voltage difference between the voltage without load (without atomizer attached) and the voltage under load (with atomizer attached).
8)  NEW - Turn the Electronic Cigarette device on and off by simultaneously pressing the power button 5 times within 3 seconds.

a.     To lock the voltage in on the device turn the device on, set the voltage, then turn the device off by pressing the power button 5 times. Now press the power button 1 time and the device will operate at the voltage it was set to before you turned it off but the display will not illuminate when you press the voltage or power buttons and the voltage can’t be changed when in this mode. To turn the device back on completely with access to change the voltage with display functional just press the power button 5 times.

9)  NEW - Remaining Electronic Cigarette battery charge is displayed by battery bar graphic on right of LCD screen.
10)NEW - Measure and display the resistance of the atomizer by pressing the power button 1 time. The atomizer ohm resistance will display on the screen for 3 seconds.
11)NEW - Will hold up to a 67mm battery which means 18650 batteries with nipple and/or protection circuit will fit and end cap will screw tightly closed as long as they are not longer than 67mm.


1 - VV Chrome Lavatube 2.0 Mod
2 - Electronic Cigarette 18650 1600mAh batteries
1 - Single 18650 Electronic Cigarette Battery Charger
2 - 510 Regular Electronic Cigarette Atomizers
5 - Blank 510 Electronic Cigarette Cartridges
1 - Leather Variable Voltage eCig Carrying Case