Power Station - 6000MAH Mod!

Apocalypse Power Personal Vaporizer

6000-8000mah of power!

...its vaporbeast 


This price is for the full kit.  Other vendors are selling these for $79.95 + shipping. These are 20 bucks cheaper and free shipping.  All the reviews I have seen so far are pretty positive.


It's a power station that vapes!

With the Apocalypse VV-PCCP you can charge your iphone/Ipad and other electronics anytime it’s a variable volt personal vaporizer.

Advantages & Features:

1.This is the first personal vaporizer that also serves as a mobile power station, thus allowing you to charge your electronics anywhere. In fact, you can charge your iPhone 4-5 times off a single charge.
2. Compatible with Ego and 510 cartomizers such as CE4 CE4+ CE5 CE6, clearomizers, etc.
3. Variable volt system ranges from 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 volts.
4. Huge power capacity. The battery is 6000-8000 mAh and will last up to 10,000 puffs on a single charge.
4. Available in black or white.
5. Shiny mirror finish with an upscale appearance.


*Brand: Cylapex - we call it the Apocalypse:-)
*Model: VV-PCCP
*Size: 97*62*23mm
*Power Body Weight: 170g
*Battery Capacity: 6600mAh (Default)
*Compatible with: 510 cartomizers, tank, CE4, CE4+, CE5, CE6, CE-LED Vivi Nova, etc.

VV-PCCP Technical Features:

1. Out port end1 Currency—1A
2. Out port 2 Currency—2A
3. 1A Output for charging 100-600mAh mobile Phone
4. 2A Output for Ipad or bigger capacity mobile phone or products
5. 1A & 2A ports can be used to plug in the 510 VV attachement.

VV-PCCP Main Functions:

1. Personal vaporizer with VV system, 3.2V-4.0V-4.8V.
2. Portable power charger for iPhone/Ipad or other mobile devices and electronics.
3. Torch Flashlight function.



$59.99 free shipping for the complete kit!