Saturday, October 27

(UPDATE) SS Vmax V2 R4 - $62.99

.....its Vapin' in the Cape

Stainless Steel back in Stock! 10/25

First impressions - 10/27 

UPDATE: 10/27

First Impressions

So far Im impressed with the stainless steel model.

Very well constructed and the voltage tweaks in the new model seem more compatible with lower resistance. I ordered this on the 25th, got it today on 27th.  If I don't drop it from 25 feet or run it over with my car - I thinks its going to be around for a while.


Here is a great deal on a Vmax.  The Stainless Steel model is always about $10.00 more then the standard finish.  Most vendors are still selling these for $79+.   You can also pick other finishes for the same price, but I just wanted to feature the stainless.

These are version 2 Revision 4. Some call it Version 4.
Whats the difference? Watch this video.



1 Smoktech Vmax in Stainless Steel for $62.99