Wednesday, November 14

Vision VV 350 - $14.95 - VV on a Budget!

aka The VariStack

..its Ivape has now lowered the price on their VariStack.  Certainly not a beauty queen, but it does the job.  For $14.95 - can we really complain??



This may not be your top of the line ferrarri of VV's - it's more like a prius - but it'll get you where you need to go.  Intended as a budget model adjustable voltage vaporizer for entry level VV function.

Adjustable Voltage e-cigarette mod.  You can adjust the voltage from 3V - 6V with the push of a button.   Uses two ICR or IMR High Drain 18350 replaceable/rechargable batteries (sold separately) for a lasting performance.

3.0-6V in .1 voltage increments
PCB component in the switch/led housing
hard plastic lightweight body.