FOR THE NEWBIE: Big 510 Kit - $17.99 FS


This is an example of why I started this site.  STOP paying outrageous prices when something like this does the job far better then a few gas station disposables or overpriced bloated big name vendors.

Free-cigs has a great deal going for a nice 510 kit.   If your a new vaper or looking for an inexpensive portable setup - look no further.   If you know a new vaper looking for a kit, or want to send a kit to someone - please check out this deal.

The 510 kit is a classic kit that got many of us off smoking.   The advantage now is they dont cost $60.00 like they used too.    Even the most advanced vaper should pick one up to give away at a vape meet, network show, and or PIF to a smoker.

For what is included and the free shipping - these kits are some of the best I have seen for the money.  I also like that you can choose filled or unfilled cartomizers.


2 Rechargeable Batteries with Green LED
1 USB charger
1 Charger cable
6 Re-fillable Cartomizers
(filled or unfilled)
1 User's manual
Choose manual or automatic battery kits below.

Manual requires a button to be pushed for the ecig to fire.  
An automatic battery fires the e-cig when you take a drag.  


Automatic Battery Kit: 
Manual Battery Kit: