Saturday, February 9

SIZZLE: K-100 Telescope $44.99 delawarevapor

Here they are.. live and on sale..


The K-100 Telescope mod is a china made clone of the the classic telescopic. This device allows the user to configure it for use with many different battery options. Capable of using a battery as small as a 18350 and up to an 18650 battery by simply twisting the body of the device to adjust it for the desired height. The device also features a bottom mechanical button with locking ring to avoid mis-firing while in your pocket. Equipped with a native 510 and eGo connection, this PV will allow the use of eGo collared and threaded connection devices with its deep drip well. (not compatible with T2 or T3 type Clearomizers) This device comes with a matching color cone/sleeve that will nicely cover a standard length 35mm cartomizer. The colored cone/sleeve has an eGo threaded bottom, and is not a drip shield equipped with o-rings. When using this cone with a standard length atomizer, it is recommended to use a standard length (15.72mm) 510-510 extension, or a long style drip tip such as a Stiletto. Cartomizer tanks and Vivi Nova style products will sit flush on the flat top of the device, however the K-100 has 3 holes in the top cap to allow air flow.



Use coupon code joie to bring the total to $44.99