Wednesday, March 13


..its Timeless Vapor

Mandy over at Timeless vapor sent me some juice to get my opinion on, a few  10ml bottles to check out.   She told me she was working on a special licorice flavor - I was lucky enough to get a 10ml in this pack.

Before I start I want to say Im a big big Pluid fan. I buy 30ml every time it goes live.  I send samples around the world to vaping friends.   This isn't a knock on Pluid.

Since pluid is the stick that all anise flavors have been measured against lately -  Why not jump on the bandwagon?

I've had about 5 juices that gave me a "wow" on the exhale. Voodoo Kitty blew me away on the exhale. Going in I had no idea what the combination was - on the exhale I knew immediately and it works perfect!    Its an anise / grape / ever so slight orange flavor.  If anise / grape / orange sounds strange to you - its not.   Every anise vaper needs to try this. 

If pluid had dreams - Voodoo Kitty is its nightmare.   A far darker, richer, and even foreboding vape. Im not going to say it better then pluid.  I will say its the darker twin with a serious attitude problem.   

You really need to check this out.  


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