Thursday, March 21

iClear 30's in Stock - 14.95 Free Shipping

...its Uniquecigs


The iClear30 is the NEWEST Innokin technology! With steal threads and a solid stainless steal swivel tip and the amazing DUAL COIL clearomizer technology, its sure to be a Unique Cigs Favorite!!!

These iClear30 Clearomizers utilize the heater coil replacement technology making them more economincal. They have TWO (dual coil) 2.2ohm heating coils giving you maximum vapor production and great throat hits! Each clearomizer tube will hold up to 3.0ml of e-liquid.

Filling is easy.  Just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill up the tank.  Replacing coil heads is a snap too.  Simply take apart the tube from the bottom, twist off the heater/coils and screw on another one!

$14.95 Free Shipping