Wednesday, March 27

Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650's - 2 FOR $8.24 Fasttech

These are the famous pink batteries that came with the Joyetech Evic.   Since then people have been talking about how wonderful they are.  However, they tend to be expensive.  For some reason vendors are charging $9.00-$11.00 each for them.  Fasttech has a great deal going - 2 for $8.24 with free world wide shipping.  I have used them in all my mods and they work great.  For those mods (Provari) that require a nipple top - they have them too for a few dollars more. I have to say im very impressed with Fasttech. The shipping is super fast for an Asian retailer.  They sell all kinds of e-cig products and tons of techgeek hardware.

As always they come in battery cases which is a nice bonus.




Use coupon code TENOFF to get 5% off your order (yea i know its odd)