Thursday, May 30

Kanger Evod Heads - 5 for 5.96

...its Discountvapers

Kanger Evod heads from Discountvapers

Here is a fantastic deal on Kanger Evod replacement heads. 

This is the lowest price I have seen! 


Kanger ProTank Coil Replacement - 5 Pack 1.8-2.1 ohms
You get 5 for the price of 4 with this item.
Replace your ProTank bottom coil head with this item, make the ProTank new again.

Please note, the ProTank coil is changed by removing the entire base and then removing the coil unit, replacing it with this unit. Also, Kanger has not been accurate lately with the low ohm heads, these are measuring closer to 2.0 than 1.8ohms. 


1.8 Ohms
2.2 Ohms
2.5 Ohms

$5.96 for 5

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