BACK IN STOCK: IMR 18350 800mAh - $3.41

...its Madvapes

EH 18350 IMR - 800mAh

Batteries Batteries and more Batteries!  Here is a great deal on an IMR 18350.  I use these - I stack with these - and they work great!  I use these in my vamo, vmax and mech's.   At this price id buy a few - they usually sell out quick.


These are rechargeable EH brand LiMn2O4 (commonly referred to as Lithium Manganese or LiMn) batteries. They are safer chemically than Li-Ion batteries and do not need a protection circuit. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe in series or in parallel. They can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with an output of 4.2V. These have a flat top. They are 3.7V batteries that are rated for 800mAh. Battery cover may vary but the batteries are always high quality and accurately rated.


$3.41 w/ coupon

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