...its Vapage

Looking for a bottom feeder?  Look no further then the Vapage Vmod Kit 2.0.   Your getting everything you need to start using your bottom feeder for just $42.49.  This is a great deal!

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The Aficionados Bottom Feeder just got better!
The VMOD2.0 uses the new Two-Chamber technology unheard of in the vaping world until its big brother the VMOD-XL hit the streets. Now one chamber feeds the e-liquid, while the other chamber brings fresh air from the outside through its nosecone.

The VMOD2.0 still uses the world famous Vapage Silo, and AMG Hybrids, but wait there's more! It's also compatible with any modern 510 cartomizer such as a 306, or your favorite 510.

The VMOD2.0 is the next level of Bottom Feeders on the market today, and for good reason. It’s half the cost and performs better than any other high-end Bottom Feeder on the market.  

Do you love to vape, but fed up with all the fuss of dripping, and carrying extra stuff just to vape? Well then, the VMOD2.0 is your answer! The VMOD2.0 is your all day vaping tool that’s small, compact, and at the ready wherever you go. Just pull it out of your purse or pocket, and give the 4ml bottle a little squeeze, and your good to go.

V-Mod "A La Carte" Includes:


• Complete VMOD2.0
    Available in Black or Gun Metal Anodized 7000 Series Aluminum Body

• Vapage “Silo” 2.2ohm Cartomizer (compatible with 510 threads)
  •  Vapage “AMG Hybrid BF” 2.0ohm Atomizer (compatible with 510 threads)

• Two plastic mouth pieces (1 Tall and 1 Short)

• Two 4ml juice bottle

• User Guide, and Warranty card



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