Friday, March 14

BLOWOUT: AZURE VAPING - JUICE SALE - 7.5/30/120ML $2.5/$11/$25.00

My 120ml bottle

Time for another juice sale!  This time its AzureVaping (formally BlueMist).

This eliquid company has been around for years and I have had the pleasure of meeting them at a few national vape meets over the years.    They are running a fantastic deal on all their juice. I can recommend the Honeysuckle Tobacco, Cherry Robacco, and Blackjack.  There are a ton of other reviews on youtube under Bluemist and Azurevaping.  

They also have the infamous Crab juice back in stock - pick it up and dare your friends to try it!

7.5ML  - $2.50
30ML   - $11.00
120ML - $25.00