Wednesday, May 21


All the colors are in stock - even the Zencoat and Emerald!

You've heard the buzz, you know the reputation... no intro is required. The Provari is the device that set the benchmark that all Variable Voltage devices are compared against. Solid, heavy, well made and unmatched for quality and reliability.

And now, there's a lot of selection of brand new Provaris, both standard and mini to choose from! Color choices include Satin Pink, Cherry Red (limited edition), Satin Blue and Satin Purple.

Why a Provari? Owners including this blogger will maintain that you can't answer that question until you've used one. I bought one 6 months ago, and now own 3.

Side note:  Check out the Provape-1 - it has a LIFETIME warranty for $75.00

Get as much as $40 off a new Provari! Clearance items are limited, so shop early to avoid disappointment.

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