Friday, May 23

EXTENSION: FDA May Delay E-Cigarette Rule

A small but interesting read.   There is actually some positive in this small story.

The FDA  is considering extending the July 9 dealdine for people to comment on its proposal to regulate the devices. The agency says it wants to keep e-cigarettes away from children, but strike a balance so that the devices could be available to tobacco smokers.

WTAJ spoke to Mitch Zeller, Director of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, via satellite. He said, "if we could get especially those smokers who are just going to continue to smoke unable or are unwilling to quit, if we could get all those smokers to completely switch to e-cigarettes, that would be good for public health."

Zeller said while e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive, they lack the 7,000 chemicals in every puff of cigarette smoke.

He added that the FDA wants to regulate what's in e-cigarettes, water pipes, and nicotine gels, instead of allowing manufacturers to make those decisions.
Zeller says he can't predict when the agency will make a decision on e-cigarettes.