Friday, July 18


This is the latest glassomizer from Innokin.  The Iclear X.I glassomizer.  
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The iClear X.I bottom dual coil glassomizer from Innokin is a great tank worthy of attention. Separating itself from the normal iClear tanks from Innokin, the X.I has now adopted using pyrex glass as opposed to the typical plastic or poly carbonate body. The capacity of the tank is right at about 3 mL, with indicators on the side of the pyrex tank to show you the amount of juice you currently have loaded inside the tank. The mouthpiece is very sturdy and measures at about 1.3 inches long with a .4 inch diameter at its widest point. The tank itself, put fully together with the tip, base, and body, has a length of about 3.1 inches. The iClear X.I weighs in at approximately 1.7 ounces. The X.I has 510 threading and should be compatible on any device that supports 510 threading. This tank comes packed with (1) 2.1 ohm dual coil atomizer head attached inside to the tank, as well as (2) 2.1 ohm dual coil atomizer head replacements in the box. The atomizer heads for this tank are the same as the ones used in the iClear 30b. They heads are very sturdy, with a great cross pattern design. The bottom piece of the tank features the iClear X.I logo, as well as the “Taste it, Love it” slogan from Innokin. This tank produces great flavor and good vapor production. While it does not have an airflow controller, Innokin seems to have found the ideal build for the right amount of airflow for this glassomizer. This is an excellent tank that is sure to not leave anyone who ventures into trying it disappointed. A great step forward from Innokin.

What’s in the box:

    Fully rebuildable Innokin iClear X.I bottom dual coil glassomizer
    iClear X.I base with 510 threading
    (3) 2.1 ohm dual coil atomizer head
    Removable drip tip


    Weighs: 1.7 oz (tank, drip tip, base, and (1) atomizer head)
    Height: 3.1 inches tall (fully built with tank, drip tip, and base)
    Width: .75 inches at the base

Pyrex tank

    Height: 1.23 inches
    Width: .64 inches

Drip tip

    Height: 1.28 inches
    Width: .39 inches (at widest point)


The iClear X.I bottom dual coil glassomizer from Innokin is a great tank that while it does not offer an airflow controller, it is designed to have the airflow already optimized for the best use. It really is great seeing Innokin going towards pyrex as opposed to the alternatives. Definitely worth trying out.