Friday, July 4


A simple quote from John the owner of Vaportekusa "We will fight to the bitter end".

...A funny thing happened on the way to the court room. 

Hana Modz starts suing people and now they have a bigger problem on their hands.   I spoke with John the owner of Vaportekusa (one of the companies Hana is suing) and his insurance company looked at the complaint and has now agreed to represent him in court.   This means Vaportekusa will not pay a dime to defend themselves and Hana will have to go up against a team that has far more resources and MUCH deeper pockets.

When Russ from click-bang first brought this issue to light -- one of the callers said that Hana may encounter a "sleeper". Someone who will have far more resources. I think we just found one.   This also shows how important it is that businesses keep professional liability insurance for just such emergencies. Something this blogger bought into a long time ago. These companies specialize in defending against such issues and do so like rabid dogs. 

John has also sent me the full complaint and I will be publishing it soon.  Looking it over -   I can say the evidence Hana is citing in this complaint shows mods with no Hana logo whatsoever. They're actually Facebook screenshots of logo-less mods. 

Hana is also suing Vaportekusa for the use of copyrighted pictures that have been "altered" not by them but by the manufacturer - which supplies the promotional material for the vendors to use.

I'd also like to point out that Hana does NOT have a registered trademark with the government, just an application which was only filed a few short months ago.   

For those of you who keep saying they are protecting a  "a registered trademark" -- you're wrong.  

While you do not need a registered trademark with the government to sue someone - having one gives it much more weight in federal court. 

Feel free to to do a trademark search, you will see its still an application.

The full complaint will be forthcoming in a follow up post.

Hana is suing Vaportekusa (and 2 others) for $150,000.00 ea + all profits from the sales + all defense costs.

You may order the full complaint online now - its public record:  >> HERE <<