Tuesday, August 5


Really Vaporjoe the Groove II?

Yes the Groove II.    Think of it in terms of the very popular MVP2.

This mod goes 4 watts higher, has almost twice the internal battery size,  and costs much less.  The Groove II boasts a massive 3800mAh internal battery and uses the standard 15 watt smoktech chip that comes on your Zmax.  This also has a large 5 amp limit.  

This also comes with a 90 day warranty.

You will get days out of this device before having to recharge.   


SmokTech re-indroduces the Groove with the Groove II. Everything you loved about the orginal Groove remains the same. All the small screws that hold the device together are now flat instead of pointed, so you no longer have to worry about the battery getting punctured if you drop it. The battery has also been reinforced, making it very difficult to ever come loose or rattle.

This is a variable volt, variable watt mod. The Groove adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments and has a cool backlit OLED display.  The Groove has a maximum output of 5 Amps.

There are ample vent holes in the side of this APV for added safety.

The groove has an internal 3.7V, 3800mAh Li-polymer battery that lasts far beyond most other batteries.  Included with the APV are a mini USB to USB cable for charging with a computer and a USB to AC adapter for charging with a wall outlet. 

The button on the top of the Groove can turn the device on and off with 5 quick pushes.  Read the resistance of your cartomizer or tank by holding the "+" button for 3 seconds.  Easily adjust Voltage or Wattage by using the "+" or "-" button.  Hold down the "+" and "-" buttons together for 3 seconds to switch between Voltage and Wattage.  Output Voltage or Wattage is displayed when you press down the top button.  Battery Voltage is displayed by pressing the "-" button for 3 seconds.

The Groove only needs a 510 style tank, cartomizer, CE4 and some e-liquid and it is a complete ready to go unit with nothing else to buy!