Saturday, October 18


So.. I was looking for deals and I went to Vaporbeast - one of my favorite merchants.  

I came across this.

There is so much wrong with this - I HAD TO POST IT! 


Vaping is a wonderful why not have a little fun?
The Monkey Os full kit comes with a vibrant & colorful Moneky O designed to assist you in blowing perfect & consistent vape-rings. The Monkey Juice solution allows you to create giant vape bubbles with your monkey! The unique bubble solution is optimized for the biggest and strongest bubbles.
Set includes:
  • 1 Vibrant Monkey (choose from multiple colors)
  • 1 (2oz) Container of Monkey Juice
How to use your Monkey: Load up your vape as usual, take a big rip, but this time when you exhale - blow the vapor through your Monkey O like it's a little trumpet. The key is to make "ooh...ooh...ahh...ahhh" sounds when you exhale (it sounds like a monkey...GET IT?!), and these help your mouth work with the Monkey O to create the best vape rings. You can also use the Monkey O to help you create vape bubbles, and maybe one day you'll nail that Gandalf ghost ship!