Friday, November 7


Who called it? 

Well it seems the DNA40 with its temperature control has already been replicated. 

Who didn't see this coming? 

The next question is - how long until they incorporate that temperature control technology in much higher wattage chips coming out of China.

A site calling themselves Evkoo is taking pre-orders (now sold out) on a V3 Hana Clone for just $99.00.   Will we see a slew of new CHDNA40 chips by Christmas?  Id have to say so.  I'm sure after this post we will see a ton of new pre-orders popping up for CHDNA40 devices.

Just a year ago the DNA30 made its debut and sold out everywhere.  It was impossible to get a chip or mod.  With DNA40 chips and Hana DNA40 mods in stock since their launch date  ( examples HERE and HERE ) - This does not bode well for what seems to be a struggling DNA40 market.

This was also posted on ECF a few days ago - with a link to the vendor.

Lets use them as the source ;)