Monday, January 19



If this were a $50.00 mod I really wouldn't care.  However,  many people paid as much as $250.00 to get one of these on the flip market.  We have been promised a 120 watt upgrade - and here we are!

I'd love to know what goes on in peoples heads who come up with ideas like this.  
I saw this and had to draw attention to it.
We all know and love the SXMINI.   
A very sleek, clean device!  I have one and they work great.

They are now in the works making a new upgrade tube that will allow you to stack 2 x 18650s to bring the device to a maximum of 120 watts. Great idea, bad implementation.  

This piece of "stunning innovation"  will be known as the "FHP" adapter.  Rather then make version two, they shove a large pipe up its rear and call it awesome! 

I'm calling it all kinds of stuff - but we will leave it at EPIC FAIL!

Needless to say - I'll be leaving mine at 60 watts for now.

You may all stop laughing and resume your lives..

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