100% Designed, Engineered, and Developed by Project Sub-Ohm™

SilverPlay™ RTA by Project Sub-Ohm™ is the first RTA rebuildable tank atomizer that is 100% designed, 100% Engineered, 100% developed by Project Sub-Ohm™! When we created this magnificent RTA, we have THREE simple goals we need to achieve, Functionality, Affordability, and Compatibility:

Functionality - In order to create a cloud chasing RTA with amazing flavor production, we decided to utilize a dual coil platform with the center post been split for ease of build. The center post has also been raised ever so slightly to shorten the distance to the top of the chimney, to increase flavor and vapor production. The FOUR juice channels, and FOUR airflow holes are widened to the extreme to allow more air to juice ratio, to make sure you are getting sufficient air and juice delivery when you vape each and every time. Top chimney is now widened to a gigantic 6mm in diameter compares to standard 4mm chimney, to produce more intense and satisfying vapor. We also designed a revolutionary dual to quad, quad to dual airflow system. This unique airflow system allows air to come in through the bottom of the base, also from both directions of the negative posts holes. When all FOUR airflow holes are open, you are in cloud chasing mode; when you choose to close off the two side airflow holes, leaving just the two main airflow holes open, you are in flavor chasing mode. This way you have the ability to adjust airflow holes in pairs, giving you the desired draw with simple twist of the AFC ring.

Affordability - When we started this project back in April of 2013, we wanted to create a sub $40 RTA but features dual coil deck, cloud chasing and flavor chasing RTA that is extremely well made. Eight month later, we got it!

Compatibility - SilverPlay™ is not just a RTA, it's a foundation, a start to an ecosystem. SilvePlay™ RTA is compatible with 90% of the Kayfun, Russian Accessories on the market, some accessories will fit on SilverPlay™ by simply changing the cloud chasing 6mm top chimney to a standard 4mm top chimney.

Product Features:

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 22mm in diameter to fit most of your mod flush
  • Even with such sophisticated internal design, the SilverPlay™ can still hold a outstanding 3ml of E-Juice
  • Top THREE layer heat fins are installed to cool down some of the hottest vape
  • Pyrex glass / Stainless Steel Barrel construction to give you that peak window to look at your juice level as well as to serve as a protection to the pyrex glass
  • Chimney is a two piece design, top chimney opening is 6mm in diameter to increase cloud and flavor production
  • Due to the incredible air vacuum system we put in place, the SilverPlay is leak resistant. From our testing, the SilverPlay has not leaked at all!
  • Base is a FOUR post design with split center post for ease of build. Center posts are raised slightly get the vapor closer to the chimney top, results in amazing flavor and vapor production
  • FOUR deep juice channels total to give you sufficient juice delivery
  • FOUR airflow holes, two main airflow holes hits the coils from underneath, two negative airflow holes to hit the coils from the back
  • When FOUR airflow holes are open, you are in cloud chasing mode; when two negative airflow holes are blocked off, you are in flavor chasing mode. Two main airflow holes can also be adjustable while the two negative airflow holes are turned off
  • Adjustable airflow control ring is used for ease of controlling your airflow
  • Negative Posts are milled to the deck for rigidity and maximum conductivity
  • Adjustable Copper 510 connection to ensure perfect fit on most mods and to increase conductivity
  • Beautiful SilverPlay™ Logo is engraved on the bottom ring
  • Signature Project Sub-Ohm™ Logo is engraved on the barrel of the RTA
  • Precisely Engraved with sophisticated Roman Numeral as the serial number to give you that extreme personal touch!
  • Comes with signature Project Sub-Ohm Packaging. Elegant and Presentable!
  • 100% Designed, Engineered, Developed solely by Project Sub-Ohm™!