Tuesday, January 6


Looking for something with a little more power, but no need for the crazy wattages out there? Here’s your deal. The Innokin iTaste MVP is now available in a 20 watt version that more than meets the needs of most vapers, who never ever exceed 20 watts. A 2600mAh battery offers power to easily get you through an entire day, sometimes two! Charging is by USB cable, and it can be used as a pass-through while charging. A colored lighted indicator lets you know how much power is remaining. You can even use the USB out to charge other devices such as your phone or iPod. Adjustable from 6 to 20 watts in 0.5 watt increments. Includes the ability to display the resistance of your atomizer as well! Fires resistances as low as one ohm. Best yet, it ships from a very well respected American vendor, so you’ll have it fast! Available in white, black, silver, and green.

  • Variable Wattage 6.0w-20w (increments of .5)
  • Variable Voltage 3.3v-7.5v (increments of .1)
  • 2600mah Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Level Indicator On The Fire Button (green=charged, yellow=half charge, red=low; needs charging)
  • Puff Indicator
  • Internal OHM Meter
  • On/Off Power Button (3 clicks on/3 clicks off)
  • Portable Charging Ability That Allows You To Charge Other Devices Such As Cell Phones Via The USB Input On The Bottom Of The Device
  • Multiple Safety Features (10 second cutoff, charging cutoff, ohm resistance limit, and more)