Something very special arrived at my home today. An award from Guide to Vaping.

It's something so simple, just glass and wood... yet it means so very much.

The Guide to Vaping's "Best of the Best" is a vaping community institution, now in its 5th year. It gives the vaping community a voice to determine who and what stands out among the rest. Despite its recent launch, the Vaping Underground Forum was chosen as Best Over All in 2014. From a passion-fueled vision in March of 2014, and a very well-received launch in June 2014, the Underground went on to win the support of vapers across the community to earn this award as well as be named Best Forum of 2014 by year's end... after merely 6 months in operation.

We were told it couldn't be done. We were told that no one wanted yet another vaping forum. In Google hangouts, on Reddit, in Facebook groups-- critics laughed at the idea. 

But being the stubborn people we are - we didn't listen.

Vaping Underground began with just 6 people -  Me, TygerTyger, Smokie, Lucidious Rage, CJ, and Cigarbabe. Since those first brainstorming sessions, we have recruited scores of impassioned and highly dedicated moderators which have proved to be the greatest asset our forum has to boast.

I want to give sincere and heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the entire admin and moderator team for their hard work, dedication, and investment... and most of all, for putting up with my shit. Each and every one of you had a hand in taking my vision and bringing it to life. This could have never happened if isn't wasn't for your contributions.

A special thanks goes out to Lucidious Rage and CJ for dealing with me during the early days of building the forum, and the literally hundreds of hours we spent in Google hangouts hashing out details and building the framework.

Lastly, but by no means least, I want to thank our members. You came, you joined, you participated, and you fully embraced this vision. It is your regular interaction that has turned it into the thriving hub it has become. We thank you for giving us a chance to create a place you enjoy being a part of, without the cumbersome and convoluted rules we've seen elsewhere. Our commitment in 2015 will be to continue to provide you with the best Vape Forum experience possible.