Billboards, magazines, and other traditional advertising media sell space for a very simple and effective reason. They command attention and are seen by massive numbers of potential customers in the markets to which they are targeted. So should you. If you want your business to be on the lips and minds of vapers, you need to be where vapers go.

The VaporJoes Network of Sites garners an average of well over 1 million hits daily. You read that right. Compared to mainstream content sites in this industry, vapers flock to our pages, and we want them to see YOU there. They can, because you have the opportunity to purchase ad space that is seen in rotation across the entire VaporJoes Network.  


• the Vaping Underground Forum, which exploded onto the scene just seven months ago and is already the second most visited vaping forum, and gains ground every day…
• the Vaping Underground LIVE Network site, where vapers tune in to view live interactive programming
VaporJoes Canada Deals and Steals Blog with vape deals targeted specifically to loyal readers in America, Canada, and the global market
• and of course, our flagship… the most visited and trusted deals blog vapers turn to: VaporJoes Original Deals & Steals Blog, run by none other than the illustrious VaporJoe, himself.

For over two years, we’ve been providing the content that brings the vapers, and now your business is invited to the party.

Think about it. A costly ad in a magazine may or may not grab the attention of readers as they thumb through, but there’s no chance of it getting clicks. Readers pick up a magazine issue a few times over the course of a month, but they view our sites daily– often even several times daily. Not to mention, our readership is exponentially bigger than any vape-related magazine’s circulation. Pay more for a glossy page on a shelf… or pay less for repeated exposure to the largest daily audience that vaping commands. The choice is yours.

We’ve made it easy. Self-serve advertising allows you to upload and place your ad in rotation easily, and you’ll be thrilled with our very competitive pricing. We’ll even offer you discounts for longer commitments and allow you to change your ad twice monthly. What printed media can offer you that?

It’s about being seen. It’s about getting your name out there. It’s about impressions… lots and LOTS of impressions.

Let us help you make those impressions… we’re talking hundreds of thousands of impressions each and every month. We’re already doing it, and now you’re welcome to join us.