Thursday, July 9

ROLLOUT: THE IPV D2 SUPER MINI 75 WATT / TC - $44.42 / $49.99

All vendors are going to be selling these at a preorder.  No one at current date has them in stock. So if your going to buy a preorder -  the next question is when are you getting it and how much are you going to pay?  Many companies put these on preorder a week ago and charged far more.   Patience my frugal minions!  

Your Choice of USA or CHINA


The IPV D2 is PioneerYou’s newest temperature control mod. It is a sophisticated product evolved from the IPV Mini V2. It’s attributes include being smaller than the one before at as well as much lighter. With an output power at a range of 5W-75W and 5 Joules- 75 Joules. Voltage range s between 1V- 8V while current range is 1Amp- 25Amp. This product calls for one 18650 battery. The IPV D2 will be available in the color black initially but will eventually also be available in silver as well. Also, if you are looking to go the extra mile to customize your mod; silicone covers will be sold separately to fit this unique device. The silicone covers will be available in multiple colors including: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, White and Black.


• Output power Min. 7 watts, Max. 75 watts
• Output power Min. 5 Joules, Max. 50 Joules
• Output Voltage Min 1V, Max 8V
• Output Current Min. 1A, Max. 25A
• Standard Atomizer Resistant Min 0.20Ω, Max 3Ω
• Joules Mode Atomizer Resistant Min. 0.05Ω, Max. 0.3Ω
• Temp. Limit Fahrenheit Min. 200F, Max. 580F
• Temp. Limit Centegrade Min. 100C, Max. 300C
• Input Voltage Min. 3.2V, max. 4.5V, Typical 3.7V
• Input Current Min. 1.3A, Max 30A
• USB Charging for batteries? Yes

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