Friday, August 14


I woke up today to find out my group with almost 50,000 members was deleted.   The single biggest vaping group on Facebook.

Without a hint or preview... not even an email.   Something I worked on for years was gone.  I knew this day would come   This does not just effect Vaporjoes but the entire community at large.  The groups you all worked so hard on - will eventually be deleted.

This is why I started Vapingunderground. Eventually our social media will be ripped from us and we will need a place to communicate. 

Not only Vaporjoes with 50,000 members but Mod Envy with 25,000 and Vaping Underground's group as well.   


The URL is banned from Facebook for "abuse".  
I'm pretty sure groups like Isis still has a Facebook groups that are still active...

Another member says his group has been shut down

UPDATE 8/17:

After a massive outcry by the community and people writing to Facebook - the group has been restored and Vapingunderground no longer a banned word.  It's been a crazy few days. Thanks to all my friends and supporters who helped.

You may now go to:  for the original group.  We did get over 8,000 new members in the other group in 3 days - which has to be some sort of vaping record.