Tuesday, March 8



Before I put this up I bought this and used these crystals.  Rock solid - great for the price!

Here is a great deal on pure crystallized menthol.    For those looking to make straight menthol eliquid or just want to add some to existing juice - this is what your going to need.   Every DIY juice maker should have some crystals on hand.

Making menthol exact is super simple.  I make a 25/75 mix.   Just crush the crystals to about 25% of the total bottle size and fill the rest with PG.  You can wait for the crystals to dissolve or you can put the bottle in some hot water to speed the process.  You will have a SUPER concentrated bottle of menthol.  Just add a few drops to your juice to taste.

1oz of menthol crystals in enough to last the average vaper a very long time.

Pure crystallized menthol can be used a many other medicinal applications too.

Menthol crystals can be used to alleviate nausea, especially when the nausea is due to motion sickness.  This is because peppermint (which is used in making menthol crystals) is a natural carminative herb, meaning it can settle the digestive system.

Because menthol crystals have antipruritic and anti irritant qualities, they are great for anti itch creams and balms.

When it comes to chest congestion and upper respiratory issues; menthol can work as a decongestant.  The uses in this category for menthol crystals include: rubs, balms, or salves.  Inhaling the minty aroma of these crystals will also help to alleviate the blockages.

Do not eat unless you want to clear out every pore in your face!