I just wanted to check in with you all on a personal level.

For the last 2 years I have been dealing with a lot of medical issues. Some of you know that I spoke with privately and bits and pieces I talked about on Mod Envy. Most of it was kept from the Vaping Community until I had a real prognosis. There was a point where we were prepared for the worst. One of those "get your affairs in order" moments.  This is why it took so long to come forward.

It started with a massive leg trauma due to complications of liver disease I never knew about. It caused something called Compartment Syndrome and my leg now has a scar that's over a foot long and 6 inches wide. (on a side note I now tell kids I was bitten by sharks) lol

I was in and out of hospitals for weeks and months at a time.

I had to lead a stress free and completely new lifestyle. I was in a lot of trouble. TygerTyger made my health the priority and straight up told me I needed to follow her on this. I did just that. Many of you have seen the dramatic weight loss (almost 160lbs down now) and gross pictures of my leg before it healed.

I tried my hardest to keep this vu going, paid for, along with Vaporjoes, and Mod Envy - but I could only do so much in my state.

So.. after skin graphs, a bout with our friend MRSA, 5 surgeries, a wound vac, learning to walk again in rehab, and a liver transplant on the horizon - you just basically live in the hospital and anytime you leave its pretty much for an appointment with yet another doctor. 

I can say now with great confidence my wife saved my life. I feel the best I have felt ever, blood tests are pretty much perfect and I never needed that transplant after all. The doctors are stunned to say the least. 
Me and Tyger BEAT this! It was a fight with doctors because we don't always believe a pill fixes everything.  Tyger put in the work and research!  I am truly lucky to have her as my wife.


The forum has the best mod team in the history of forums. For a solid 1 1/2 years you held the forum together when I was sick and Tyger wasn't around very much because she was taking care of me.
I am back in the Captains chair again after a really annoying and unwanted hiatus.
On a side note if anyone is currently using a wound vac or has to get one and or has liver issues. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have on the forum.