Wednesday, September 11


About 7 years ago I had a choice to make.   Start a deals blog or get into juice making.

Start Excerpt:

The Trump administration is preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes as federal health officials call for restrictions to combat an outbreak of a mysterious lung disease that has sickened hundreds and killed at least six people, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told reporters Wednesday.

End Excerpt:  Source: CNBC

The first issue is the most annoying.  This entire issue is based on ignorance. The administration is confusing vaping with people that are using oil based vape cartridges.  There are a number of different types of oil based carts but none of it has to do with regular electronic cigarettes.   I know there have been some ecig related injuries but kids shouldn't be vaping.  Where are the parents in all this?

So, now what? Well, what does "ban flavored e-cigarettes" mean? Just the disposables? Pre-filled pods? and or ejuice?

If it's just disposables and pods -- it's not a big deal for now.  Most of us can pre-fill pods and if you are using disposable ecigs (like myself sometimes when I'm on the go) I usually vape tobacco.

Let's go to the other extreme... Let's say it's the worse case scenario.  ALL ejuice with flavors are banned in the USA other than tobacco and menthol.

There is already a fix in play and juice makers have been doing it for years now. Juice makers ship their juice or open an office in another country (aka China) and have it reshipped to customers in the USA or around the world.   Now unless they have some sort of flavor detecting dog - vaping will just go back to the way it used to be.  Most of us old school vapers bought most of our juice from China (they invented it).

This might have a profound effect on vaping devices.  They won't be made to last.

Most of my mods still work well from 2012.  If I had to place a bet, I would say that vape hardware will have an expiration.  Vaping needs constant consumption to survive so I'd expect to see devices become "less durable".  Think a lot more plastic and a lot less metal.  Your older devices may be worth more money then you think one day.

Many people like to classify a generation in terms of technology but in terms of vaping as a whole you are looking a generation ending event, if it's actually signed.

There will be a second generation and juice makers will adapt.  Since all these compounds are chemicals I'm sure there will be some work around.   I'm sure the head of the FDA isn't sending out teams of people going to vape shops with taste testers.

I do sympathize with all the vape shops. Building a business and have it taken away with a stroke of a pen is heartbreaking.    This happened to me many many years ago.

For VaporJoes... I never did get into Juice making. I stayed a blogger.  I will remain a blogger and do what I do best:  Bringing you the best deals in vaping!

Look to my forum Vaping Underground for help. Hosted outside the United States. 

On a side note for another discussion:

What makes up the flavor of Tobacco? Many flavors like vanilla, coffee, etc.  Are you saying you only use it in tobacco flavor but not by itself? IT'S UNENFORCEABLE