The best name in the business for dealing with Vape Bans is ours.

Over the last decade Vaporjoes has been here to serve up the best in deals.   We then started Vaping Underground and it's now the biggest vaping forum.  However, I noticed there was something missing.  The middle ground.   On my network they either got great deals, or had to join forums and go through tons of information.  Vapeban will be a clean and simple site to weather any vapeocalypse.    

If ever a time was needed for simple and efficient information.(with no ads)

I just made this site 24 hours ago so it will grow very quickly.

We are in need of some resources to add to the site.

Merchants that will ship to the USA and or are not bound by state or federal law.
Merchants that are currently using or thinking of using Tor / Onion Network.
Merchants that will ship via Fedex and UPS during any crisis. (USPS is federal)

Forums - Other forums worth listing. There are a ton of forums out there. We want those that have actual user bases and content.   We already have VU, ECF, and Planet of Vapes.

Social Media groups - Social Media groups about vaping. We have many listed.

Video hosted outside of Youtube if possible.  Google hates vaping.