When I started this blog is was really dedicated to vaping.  It still is, however I have come to realize I have massive audience.  Vaping Underground Forum alone gets over 20,000,000 hits a month. 

With a crisis this big effecting everyone -  I thought it might be time to help in a way I can. . Since my blog has so many eyes and millions of people on my email lists, why not offer them PPE and such in this time of crisis? 

With online vape shops starting to stock masks, hand sanitizer, and such it was inevitable Id start getting hit up by vendors asking if I would help get these to the public.

Until this crisis is over PPE will now become part of the deals here on Vaporjoes and in emails.  I have done this a few times already with fantastic results.  If your not already on our email list you can join up here on the left of the posts.

VENDORS:  If you have PPE in stock and or are getting some soon please feel free PM on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  There are no shortage of ways to get in touch with me. 

We picked up PPE.DISCOUNT  - we may do something with that in the future if this is something very prolonged.    Who knows. This may be a new way of life sadly :(

Don't make me register a toilet-paper website! :D