(Update 7pm) Hurricane Sandy

My frugal minions,

Vaporjoes.com is located directly in the path of hurricane Sandy.  Power is out and we don't expect to get power back for a few days. Deals will start back up once power is restored.  Our facebook group is still updating in real time.  We will keep you posted via cellphone.

(Update 7pm ) Neighbors house...

Vulcan (DID Clone) - Clear Tank - $21.99

...its free-cigs


The very popular did style rebuild-able atomizer now has a clear bottom tank.   This seller also has it a great price!

RBA Kit includes:
  • Vulcan atomizer tank
  • 2 pieces stainless steel mesh #400
  • 3 feet Kanthal A-1 32 AWG wire
  • Allen key
  • Storage box
  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • 510 Connection

You must oxidize the stainless steel mesh in order to use this device. Improperly oxidizing the stainless steel mesh can damage the atomizer. The Kanthal wire should be run through a blue flame before using.

WHERE:  http://www.free-cigs.com/


VV Gripper - $39.95

...its mountainoakvapors


Here is a great deal on a VV Gripper.  
This deal is running about $10-$15.00 cheaper.

  • Adjustable output from 3 volts to 6 volts

  • Comfortable, durable injection molded body.

  • Shows Volts and atomizer/cartomizer ohms.

  • 5 Click on/off feature.

  • Very nice packaging, with included instruction pamphlet

  • 4 Amps maximum output.

  • 510 Sealed connector.

  • WHERE:  http://www.mountainoakvapors.com/


    Stealth Can Mods - $71.20

    ...its vaporheads

    There mods were always $100.00 - I like this price for the uniqueness.

    These sturdy "stash" cans have been modded for e-liquid. These mods can easily be converted from a 3.7v mod to a 6v mod by using 2 stackable, Tenergy RCR123A 3v rechargeable batteries. Most of them will fit in a vehicle drink holder. 5ml DC Tank 18650 battery and glass straw included. Easy to replace/change tank cartomizers and batteries. Ready to Vape! This item qualifies for free shipping!

    same type of mod - review

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/


    $71.20 after using coupon code: HALLOWEEN for 25% off your total order.

    Kanger T2 Heads 10 for 9.99 Free Shipping.

    .....its surevapes!

    I love the kanger T2s and surevapes is running a great deal on the replacement heads.   Running just under $1.00 each with free shipping.  They also sell a 5 pack for $5.25.

    10 Replacement heads for 9.99 or 5 for 5.25

    CE4 Clearomizers (Stardusts) $2.99

    ...its smokerevolt

    There is a great deal on some Ce4 Clearomizers AKA The Stardust.   Available in a variety of colors.  


    These are quality, 510 compatible-Ce4 Clearomizers. These allow you to hold liquid similar to a tank:

    They also come in different colors and are very convenient! The Ce4's arrive blank, ready to fill, no syringe necessary!!-just screw off the drip tip and fill this with your favorite E-Juice. Very handy! These hold an estimated 1.6ml of liquid at a time...

    2.0ohm resistance*


    (UPDATE) SS Vmax V2 R4 - $62.99

    .....its Vapin' in the Cape

    Stainless Steel back in Stock! 10/25

    First impressions - 10/27 

    UPDATE: 10/27

    First Impressions

    So far Im impressed with the stainless steel model.

    Very well constructed and the voltage tweaks in the new model seem more compatible with lower resistance. I ordered this on the 25th, got it today on 27th.  If I don't drop it from 25 feet or run it over with my car - I thinks its going to be around for a while.


    Here is a great deal on a Vmax.  The Stainless Steel model is always about $10.00 more then the standard finish.  Most vendors are still selling these for $79+.   You can also pick other finishes for the same price, but I just wanted to feature the stainless.

    These are version 2 Revision 4. Some call it Version 4.
    Whats the difference? Watch this video.

    WHERE: http://www.vapininthecape.com/

    THE DEAL: 

    1 Smoktech Vmax in Stainless Steel for $62.99

    Boge Cartomizer Tank - $5.99 - Free Ship

    Better then Smoktech and Less Money!

    ...its Surevapes


    Surevapes is running a great deal on these newer boge cartomizer tanks.   I own these and I have to tell you that they are better then the smoktech tanks.  The tank construction itself is a bit better and its a bit larger.   The tank kit comes with the tank, a boge cartomizer with flang and drip tip.   These tanks can use the smoktech tank cartomizers as well.

    WHERE: https://www.surevapes.com/ 


    Boge Tank set up - $5.99 - Free Shipping

    ViVi Nova Kit - $8.95

    ... its free-cigs

     Vivi Nova Tank Set V2.5 includes:

    • 3.5ml clear tank
    • Polished aluminum Tank Base and Cap
    • One 1.8ohm (Low Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • One 2.4ohm (Standard Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • One 2.8ohm (High Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • Black Drip Tip (Most other 510 drip tips will work as well)

    WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com


    $8.95 for the complete kit.

    INTRO: Double Barrel Cartomizer Adapter

    Vape 2 Cartomizers at once!

    ...its madvapes

    This isn't really a deal but its such a neat idea I had to put it up.  Madvapes is currently the only vendor I know selling these.

    The base comes with a 510 connector to attach to the battery and 2 female connectors to attach two (2) 510 cartomizers.  The drip tip is designed to slide over top of both cartomizers simultaneously.  Two cartomizers means twice the vapor!
    Please remember the voltage that is needed to power your device.  This device is recommended with single coil cartomizers and the total resistance must be figured.  If your device is 3.7 volts and you vape well with a 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer, then 2- 3.2 ohm single coil cartomizers will work as the total resistance would be 1.6 ohms.  In order to figure your ohms using 2 cartomizers, simply divide the resistance of the cartomizer you are using by 2.  So if you are using two (2) 4 ohm single coil cartomizers your total resistance is 2 ohms.
    A dual coil cartomizer works like this as well.  So if you know what resistance dual coil cartomizer works well for you at a particular voltage, multiply that resistance by 2 and then get that resistance single coil cartomizer.



    ....its littleshopofvapors

    Little house of vapers is having a 10% off and free shipping sale.   This is in response to the possible shipping outages due to the hurricane on its way to the North east.

    This sale is in effect through the 29th.  

    Use coupon code: SANDY at checkout.


    WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/

    Vision MAX510 Atomizers $3.96

    ...its Vaporheads

    Here is a great deal on Vision Max 510 atomizers.  There are are many different configurations to choose from.  Standard and Low Resistance.  With or without a bridge.  All cost the same price with the 25% off coupon - $3.96.

    These all use standard 510 connections.

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/ <-- Middle of the page

    THE DEAL: 

    $3.95 after using coupon code: Halloween for 25% off the price. 


    Highdesertvapes - 30ml - $6.95


    ...its highdesertvapes


    I have listed deals in the past from this vendor and they have been very popular.  Here is a great deal that is sure to satisfy the most frugal among us.   High Desert is running a 50% off e-juice sale.  A 30ml bottle will run you just 6.95!

    WHERE:  http://highdesertvapes.com

    THE DEAL: 

    Use Code: FIFTYOFF for 50% off your total order.  
    This only works for e-juice.  Be sure its in all caps!

    *this coupon is given by the vendor, we make no commission

    Buzz Pro + Custom engraving $99.00

    The Buzz about the Buzz Pro..

    The buzz pro is one of the mods that have been around since the beginning of time.  The Buzz Pro is still a great variable voltage device.  This offer now includes free engraving up to 20 characters.  You can get it in 510,901,808, or 801 connections.

    1. 15 watts maximum power output
    2. Wheel adjustable voltage dial ( like the Infinity ) 
    3. Improved battery life 2 x 's avg. , we have a new controller that is MUCH more efficeint. avg. 15 hrs per charge 
    4. New finish ,  blasted finish with no knurling , it will improve the slip factor ! 
    5. Uses same batteries as the original Buzz (16340 type) , and charger so no need to buy new batts etc. , also the top cap will be the same so you can use spares you have from the Original Variable Voltage Buzz.
    6. 3-3 to 5.5 volt adjustment 
    7. New top cap design for a sleeker look.
    8. Over current Protection 
    9. Over temp. protection
    10. Reverse Battery protection  

    WHERE: http://www.notcigs.com/

    Full 2x Ego battery Kit - $29.95

    Great Kit, Great Price!

    ..its gloryvapes


    Ego kits continue to fall in price and this deal is pretty great.
    Everything you will need to quit smoking

    • 5 Cartridges
    • 2 510 atomizer
    • 2 3.7v 650mah batteries
    • 1 charger adapter
    • 1 Usb line charger
    • 1 ego carrying case & Warranty card

    These are not joyetech brand but are warrantied.

    IMR 18650 2000Mah - $5.58

    ....its Vaporheads


    Originally I found these batteries at Madvapes.  I bought a few and they are just as good as my AW.  I have had no issues at all.  Now vaporheads have them at an even lower price!  Id jump on this deal quickly.


    These are rechargeable EH brand LiMn (commonly referred to as Lithium Manganese or LiMn) batteries. They are safer chemically than Li-Ion batteries and do not need a protection circuit. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe in series or in parallel. They can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with an output of 4.2V. These have a button top. They are 3.7V batteries that are rated for 2000mAh. Battery cover may vary but the batteries are always high quality and accurately rated. Price is for one (1) battery.

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/


    $5.58 per battery with coupon code Halloween for 25% off your total order.

    Bauway Ego CE4 "Clearomizer" - $1.99

    ....another from mountainoakvapors


    This clear, tank like cartomizer (clearomizer) is meant for use with ego-style batteries & devices. It can hold up to 2mL of our premium e-liquid and has long wicks for better soaking and feeding of the coil. These clearomizers are made to last and can often provide a few weeks to even a month of solid use if properly maintained. This is a Standard Resistance CE4 that is rated at 2.6ohm +- .2. These CE4's are different from others on the market because you are able to use ANY 510 style drip tip that you like. (Any of the drip tips we have available on our site!). Includes standard black drip tip as pictured, but for a more stylish look check out our other drip tip options!

    WHERE: http://www.mountainoakvapors.com/

    HE DEAL:

    1.99 per clearomizer.

    Box of Boge Cartomizers - $3.99


    ...its MountainOakVapors


    This deal is great... 1 box of Boge SR or LR cartomizers - $3.99 a box!  These come in Black or Stainless.  The best deal to date.

    WHERE:  http://www.mountainoakvapors.com/


    1 Box for $3.99 - SR/LR - Black/Stainless
    10% off coupon is no longer valid for these. 
    3.99 is still an amazing deal.


    IMR 18350 800mAh Battery - $2.56

    Batteries on the cheap!

    ...its vaporheads

    These are rechargeable LiMn2O4 (commonly referred to as Lithium Manganese or LiMn) batteries. They are safer chemically than Li-Ion batteries and do not need a protection circuit. These cells can handle high amperage and are safe in series or in parallel. They can be charged with any Li-Ion battery charger with an output of 4.2V. These have a flat top. They are 3.7V batteries that are rated for 800mAh. Battery cover may vary but the batteries are always high quality and accurately rated. 

    For just over $2.50 - amazing deal.

    WHERE:  http://shop.vaporheads.net/

    The Deal: 

    Use coupon Code Halloween for 25% off your total order, which brings the cost of this battery down to $2.56


    (Update) Ecblend with $2.00 juice.

    Another Reasonable Vendor

    ... its Ecblend



    Very reasonable priced E-juice vendor that I have bought from many times.  There price point is certainly on par with some of the cheapest American made e-juice out there.  They are currently running a 20% off sale which brings down the prices even further.   This brings a price of a 5ml bottle down to $2.00 each.

    The Deal:

    Use coupon code:  10020  for 20% off your total order.

    SOON: The Transformer


    Telescopic - Variable Voltage - Air Flow Control


    Thanks to Electronicsticks

    Joyetech eGo Deluxe Kit - $40.00

    Great Starter - Great Price

    ...its littleshopofvapor


    This is a great deal on everything you will need to start vaping.   I paid $85.00 for the same exact kit when I started vaping. Being a genuine Joyetech - this will last.  My original batteries are still going strong.

    These are fantastic for a new vapor.  These run $55-$75.00 depending on which vendor you go to.  Another solid deal from littleshop!

    WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/

    THE DEAL: 

    2 Genuine  Joyetech eGo 650 mah batteries 
    2 Genuine  Joyetech atomizers standard resistance 
    2 Genuine  Joyetech Cones (atomizer covers)
    5 pre filled Genuine Joyetech 18 mg cartridges 
    1 AC charger
    1 User Manual

    In Black or Stainless


    (Update) 75 cent Cartomizers are back!

    .... its another by electronic-ash

    They are back as of 10/22


    This is another good deal by electronic-ash.   These cartomizers are 3.0 ohm and are made by SLB (Sailabao).   These are a standard 510 connection and are intended to vape at higher voltages.   If your going to vape these on an ego, make sure its the twist. 

    For 75 cents each -  Id buy a bunch to put away in case you run out of your normal stash,  or build some kits for new vapers.

    WHERE: http://electronic-ash.com/

    Phiniac - Tank Sale

    Some of the best Tanks now on sale!

    ...its Phiniac 


    Some of the best carto tanks are now on sale.  Phiniac is well known in the vaping community for making some very stunning tanks.   

    New designs sell out quickly, and with this sale - they will sell out even quicker.   

    WHERE: http://phiniac.com/


    10% off with coupon code: gettanked

    Goodprophets - 20% off Everything..

    Great Vendor - Great Sale!


    Good Prophets is having a 20% off sale on everythingThey have almost everything you will need for your vaping needs.  From adpaters to DIY, they have it all.

    WHERE: http://www.shop.goodprophets.com/main.sc


    Use coupon code: Octobersave for 20% off everything.

    Boge LR 510 Cartomizers 90 cents each

    ...its Cigtechs

    Here is a great deal on Boge LR cartomizers.    The cheapest vendor (4.95 a box) is out of stock, so this is the next best deal @ 5.00 a box.  I still can't believe there are vendors trying to get $7-8.00 a box.

    WHERE:  http://www.cigtechs.com


    Use coupon code: 10off for 10% off your total order which brings the total cost to 90 cents each.

    Super Sized 5ml Clearomizer - $7.16

    ...its vaporheads

    The "stardust" gets super sized!

    This new 5ml replaceable part clearomizer is easy to fill and repair. Similar to the 1.6ml clearo except it has a larger capacity and has replaceable parts available. Available in colors. Round and flat mouthpieces are available separately as well as the heater/coils. Each unit comes complete with a round mouthpiece. For use on eGo's just as it is. To use it on mods you will need a "510 to eGo" adapter. A chrome cone is not necessary. 

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/


    Vaporheads is running 25% a sale.  Use coupon code "Halloween" to bring the total down to $7.16


    Apollo E-cig - 1 cent - free shipping

    ... 1 cent for this e-cig free shipping!

    ..its apollo



    Honestly I have one and I think they arent that great, however for a penny? Good for emergencies?  I suggest NOT giving these to a smoker as an introduction to vaping - these are more of a novelty.

    WHERE: http://www.apolloecigs.com/


    1 cent - free shipping...

    Chrome Artemas Locking 510 DCT - $11.99

    DCT goes to the next level..

    ...its madvapes.com

    This is a new version of the DCT that holds your DCT cartomizer in place.  There is a grooved channel on the bottom to hold your cartomizer and keep it from spinning.  Then to ensure that your tank does not slide out inadvertantly a cap screws on the bottom locking the cartomizer in place.  You never have to worry about the cartomizer unseating itself.  

    This tank is made with a combination of chrome top and bottom with a plastic window in the middle to view your e-liquid level.

    This is a great deal the metal caps and now the locking feature.

    WHERE: http://www.madvapes.com/

    THE DEAL:   

    $11.99 for the complete locking chrome DCT kit.


    ViVi Nova Tank - $10.94 shipping included!

    Full ViVi Nova Set - Great Price!


    This is a great deal on a Vivi Nova tank.  This site is currently running a 15% off sale.  After the coupon and shipping costs the total comes to $10.94.  You really cant beat that price currently.

    Im in for a few myself. 

    WHERE: http://www.evcigarettes.com/

    THE DEAL:  

    Use coupon code: X7H9S139X for 15% off your total purchase.
    This brings to total down to 10.94 with the cost of shipping included.

    ViVi Nova Replacement Heads 5 for $10.00

    ... its Vaporheads

    Here is a great deal from Vaporheads.  A 5 pack of Vivi Nova replacement heads for just over $10.00.  They are currently running a 20% off sale - now through Halloween.  You have your choice between 1.8-4.0ohms.  Each pack contains the same resistance.  These normally sell from 2.50 - 3.00 each.

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/

    THE DEAL:  

    With Coupon Code: Halloween you get 20% off your entire order. This brings the cost from $12.95 to $10.36

    Joye eGo Battery 650/1000Mah - $9.95/11.95

    Classic Battery at a great price!

    ..its allaboutvapor.com

    The classic ego battery.  I still have my first set I ever bought and they are still going strong.  Even your most veteran vapers will have a few of these on stand by.   These are genuine Joyetech batteries.  These use the standard 510/ego connection and have the 5 click on/off function.


    650 MAH:   http://www.allaboutvapor.com


    1 Joye Ego 650mah battery - $9.95  1000mah - $11.95

    Kanger T3's Sold out everywhere.. Except..

    Kanger T3 madness!

    ...its vapors-choice

    These are starting to get harder and harder to find.  We sell out every vendor we link to.  This is currently the only vendor I know that has them in stock.  I havent seen a rush on a clearomizer like this  since the original stardust.

    I have no idea how long they will have them in stock.

    WHERE: http://www.vapors-choice.com

    THE DEAL: 

    1 Kanger T3 -  $6.50