Deejstuff - 50% off over 80 Flavors (8.25/30ml)

Fire Kitty wants to play!

...welcome Deejstuff

(Update 12/14) From 40 Flavors to 80 Flavors on sale!

(Update 12/14) - Due to the popularity of the Sale they have pushed the sale prices from 40 to 80 different flavors.  Check it out!

Ok so whats with the crazy looking cat?  This is fire kitty!  Fire kitty means you get 50% off your juice @ Deejstuff.   When going through their juice selection look for that graphic.

Normally they have a few juices everyday that are 50% off - today they have over 80.  I have been buying from Deej for a few weeks now - their juice is great.  No coupon is required!  A 30ml bottle will cost $8.25 which is a great deal!