Ovale V8 Incremental VV - $29.99

..its Discountvapers

It has a native 510 connector which will allow any standard 510 to screw on
Comes with an 510 to eGo adapter free
Variable voltage 3v-6v ovale V8
LED and LCD display show voltage selection 
Variable voltage from 3.0v-6.0v one step 0.1v
Takes 2 18350 Batteries (not included) 

1. "+" button, on press you can increase the voltage from 3v-6v, when you reach 6 v it starts back at 6v
2. "-" button, on press you can decrease the voltage from 6v-3v, when you reach 3v it starts back at 6v
3. LCD screen shows the working voltage when power button is depressed and variable voltage selection when "+" or "-" is pressed
4. click on and off.

WHERE: http://www.discountvapers.com