5ml Stardust w/ Replaceable Head - $5.89

....its fasttech

Here is a great deal on the 5ml Stardust.   This is a replaceable head system and ego threaded.  $5.89 free shipping is an outstanding deal for a stardust with this capacity.  I am not sure if the tube is glass or plastic but either way its a great price.

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com/


Use coupon code
TENOFF to bring the total down to $5.89

LIVE: The shit is PANANAL!

....its Pananal.com

I was going to wait to talk about Pananal until they had something to actually sell.   Pananal is the brain child of Andrew Kaye (aka Vaper Owl).   They literately stole the show at VapeFest with their crazy antics, juice, tshirts, and custom labeled energy drinks.  They have a line of 5 juices and 2 different energy drinks "Digital and Analog".  The juices will be released shortly, the energy drinks are available for purchase in brick and mortar stores.  The T-shirts are now live.  

Be part of the phenomenon that is PANANAL and pick up a t shirt!  I will also roll out their juice line when it goes live!

WHERE: http://www.pananal.com

EXCLUSIVE: Average Joe Kit - $19.63

....its Gloryvapes

I was speaking with Tony over at Gloryvapes and we put together a great kit for the new vapor or the vaper looking to get some extra accessories.


  • 1 Stainless 650mah eGo battery
  • 1 USB charger and AC adapter
  • 1 CE4v2 2013 (Stardust)
  • 1 10ml bottle of juice 
$19.63 w/ coupon vaporjoe

WHERE: https://shop.gloryvapes.com/


...its Surevapes

Best known for their cartomizer deals - Surevapes is running the best deals on evod heads going.  $6.69 for 5 - with free shipping is super cheap.    They are my new supplier!

1.8, 2.2, 2.5ohm styles.

WHERE:  http://www.surevapes.com

5 for 6.69 w/ Free Shipping


...its The Mod Envy Show!

Tomorrow Night Mod Envy returns for your viewing pleasure!

Vaping Mandycat, Smokie, and Myself go live!

Above are two pictures of the mods we will be giving away.

MOD 1:  Hand made African Black Wood Box Mod. - Sunvapers.com
MOD 2:  The Hybrid Clone Kit AKA Zen Knockoff  - HoosierVapes.com

Along with other giveaways from Vaporskinz, Constant Vapor, Little Shop of Vapors, Gloryvapes, and Ivape.net

Come join the phenomenon that is Mod Envy - Hundreds in the room for like minded conversation and giveaways!

10pm - 12am EST - Saturdays @ http://www.novabroadcasting.org

EASTER SALE: Timeless Vapor - 30ml - $10.00

...its Timeless Vapor

Timelessvapor is running an Easter Sale until Saturday Midnight.   All juices are 25% off - which brings the cost of a 30ml down to juice $10.00.

Try the VooDoo Kitty!  Its off the hook!!

WHERE: http://www.timelessvapor.com/

Use coupon code
bunnyhop to take 25% off your order.

PROTANK FEVER: Tanks and Replacement Heads

...its Ivape.net

Finally a merchant that is selling both the Pro Tank and Replacement heads at a good price.  Ivape just got their stock in and are pushing aggressively to get these prices out to the masses.  These are NOT pre-order prices, these are in stock.



Use coupon code Vaporjoe to bring the total down to the above prices.

Sigelei Stainless V3 ZMAX Telescope - $58.72

....its Exhalevapers

Here is FANTASTIC deal on the Sigelei Telecopic Zmax v3.     This is made a stainless steel and is built like a monster.  This is pre-order deal and will be shipping on April 3rd.   For the price is a STEAL!

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com


Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total down to $58.72

1 DAY: Quantum Vapor 50% off juice

....its QuantumVapor

Quantum Vapor is running a 1 day sale.   All eliquid is 50% off for this Birthday Sale.  I have had a few of their juices and they are really good.  These are USA in house made juices.

On Thursday, March 28th, we are giving our customers 50% off all of our juices. 
Thats only $2.49 for a 5ml, $3.99 for a 10ml and $8.49 for a 30ml!!!!!!
We would not be here if it wasn't for our customers. This is just one way we plan on thanking everyone who has made us what we are today. 
so again: THANK YOU!!!!
WHERE: http://www.quantumvapor.com


Use coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to take 50% off your juice order.


LOW: 650 mAh Ego batteries - $7.48

...its Gloryvapes

Everyone needs a few ego batteries.  Even if you have 100 mods, egos are still good to have as a backup, portability, and reliability.  These are solid and vape a good 5 hours before needing to be recharged.  If you putting a kit together for a new vaper, these batteries are a good start.

WHERE:  https://shop.gloryvapes.com


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $7.48


Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650's - 2 FOR $8.24

...is Fasttech

These are the famous pink batteries that came with the Joyetech Evic.   Since then people have been talking about how wonderful they are.  However, they tend to be expensive.  For some reason vendors are charging $9.00-$11.00 each for them.  Fasttech has a great deal going - 2 for $8.24 with free world wide shipping.  I have used them in all my mods and they work great.  For those mods (Provari) that require a nipple top - they have them too for a few dollars more. I have to say im very impressed with Fasttech. The shipping is super fast for an Asian retailer.  They sell all kinds of e-cig products and tons of techgeek hardware.

As always they come in battery cases which is a nice bonus.




Use coupon code TENOFF to get 5% off your order (yea i know its odd)

LIVE: Sigelei ZMax V3 Telescopic Mod - $71.95

...its Vaporalley.com

Here it is in all its Stainless Steel glory.   The Sigelei Telescopic Zmax is now live and considering its new - a good price.   These are in stock and shipping now.


Sigelei Telescopic ZMax now in stock.

VaporAlley proudly presents the next generation of the immensely popular ZMax by Sigelei!

The newest version of this high-performance workhorse packs all the features you fell in love with in the version 2. Features like the ability to select variable voltage and wattage, a beautiful OLED screen and the ability to run in single or dual battery mode, and improves on it.

Version 3 of the Sigelei ZMax offers an even easier to read screen. The biggest feature is the exciting new telescopic tube. 

No more fiddling with end caps to switch between dual and single battery mode. The new version can accommodate anything between single 18350 batteries  and 18650 batteries (or dual 18350).

Not only can you now use the ZMax with batteries like the 18500, but you can adjust them to size by simply twisting the body.  If you want something small, use a single 18350 and ZMax will be a compact device.

This device is sold as device only, batteries and chargers are sold separately.

WHERE: http://www.vaporalley.com/

Use coupon code "Vaporjoe" to bring the total down to $71.95
This coupon works ONLY on this mod - 2 uses per customer.

UPDATE: Guess who got the new Vamo v3.

Lord Davon from Davon's Vision was lucky enough to get a Vamo v3. 

So far he is telling me all is good with the new Vamo.  


Tuned to RMS only. 
Screen is better then the older version
Buttons are metal
Same solid construction


Can no longer use a single 18350, but you can stack them.
Stacked 18350's pumped out almost 18 Watts and popped his coil.

PRE-ORDER: Kanger Pro Tank coils - $1.69

...its Quantumvapor

Where are all the kanger pro tank replacement heads?  Quantamvapor is running a pre-order sale on them for just $1.69 each.   


Expected in-stock on or around April 10th
Available in 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 ans 2.5 ohms

WHERE:  http://www.quantumvapor.com

Use coupon code
vapeasoldier to bring your total down to $1.69


LOW: 5 EVOD HEADS - $7.00

..its Ivape.net

Ivape.net got their stock of the Kanger evod heads in.  Now up at a great price.  You get 5 for just $7.00.  Both low and standard resistance. Time to load up before they sell out.

WHERE:  https://ivape.net/


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total down to $7.00

IN STOCK: Innokin SVD + Juice - $89.00 Free Shipping

...its Uniquecigs

SVD's are starting to roll in.  Vendors are selling out everywhere, and those that pre-ordered (like me) are loving this new mod.  Its well built, sturdy and attractive.  This deal is for the full kit and a free bottle of juice.  In stock, free juice, free shipping, and cheaper then most - is a combination I love.

iTaste SVD Starter kit

1x iTaste SVD
2x iClear30 Dual coil Clearomizers with cozy rotatable drip tip
3x Rebuildable Dual Coils
1x Beauty ring 1x Short Telescopic tube ( fit IMR18350 battery)
1x Long Telescopic tube ( fit IMR18650 ,18500 batteries)
1x FREE 18ML Bottle of E-Liquid

WHERE: http://uniquecigs.com/

Use coupon code vapeking10 to bring your total down to $89.00 free shipping.

K-100 TELESCOPE KIT - $59.00


...its vipvaporcig

Here is a great deal on a K100 KIT.   The K100's are selling out all over or they are too expensive..  You get some extra's in this kit - so it makes it a deal in m book.

What You Receive:
One KAMRY K100 R-scope mod
510 chrome polished drip tip.
2- 2.5ohm fillered stainless cartos
1- Cartomizer shield
1- 18350 Battery
1- 18650 Battery
1- Simple charger

WHERE:  http://www.vipvaporcig.com/


Innokin iTaste MVP Kit - $53.00 - Free Shipping

...its Free-Ecigs

I havent pimped a MVP deal in a while.  I still love this mod - its a rock solid VV device from Innokin.  Lately some vendors have been breaking up the kit and selling just the mod and cable for the same price as the full kit (Beware).  This is for the full kit and its free shipping.  This is a great deal on a great VV device.

Kit Includes:

1x iTaste MVP

2x iClear16 Dual Coil Clearomizers
1x USB cable
1x Decorative Ring
1x Transparent carrying case


WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com


Use coupon code VAPORJOES to bring the total down $53.00


..its Vaprojoes.com

Im off to Vapefest NY.   I will return on Sunday and resume normal posting on Monday.  I hope I get to see some of you at the meet!  Time for some relaxation!

While im away, here are some links to some deals that are on going and rarely run out of stock. 


50ml of Dekang - $8.99 Free World Wide Shipping: HERE 

100ml of Dekang - $14.99 Free World Wide Shipping: HERE 

TWO Panasonic CGR18650CH 18650 Batteries - $10.03 Free World Shipping: HERE
Nitecore I4 V2 Charger (Up to 26650) - $20.62 Free World Shipping: HERE
Boge Cartomizers - Best Deals going - Free Shipping: HERE 

Cobra Clone / DID Clone / Griffin RBA - $8.52 - Free World Shipping: HERE


IN STOCK: Iclear 30 Clearomizer Tanks & Heads

...its smartvapes

Another good deal from Smartvapes!  They have some iclear30's left from the pre-order along with the replacement heads if you need them!

ICLEAR30:  http://www.smartvapes.com 

HEADS:  http://www.smartvapes.com/ 

Use coupon code vaporjoe to take 10% off your order.


IN STOCK: Innokin iTaste SVD

....its Smartvapes

Smartvapes has some Innokin SVD's for sale.  They got their pre-order shipment and have some left.  Im not aware of any vendors currently that are selling them that are IN STOCK.  If your not already in a pre-order with another vendor, you might want to get in on this.  These are GREAT mods.  I got mine today - fantastic!!

WHERE: http://www.smartvapes.com/


Use coupon code vaporjoe to take 10% off your order.



iClear 30's in Stock - 14.95 Free Shipping

...its Uniquecigs


The iClear30 is the NEWEST Innokin technology! With steal threads and a solid stainless steal swivel tip and the amazing DUAL COIL clearomizer technology, its sure to be a Unique Cigs Favorite!!!

These iClear30 Clearomizers utilize the heater coil replacement technology making them more economincal. They have TWO (dual coil) 2.2ohm heating coils giving you maximum vapor production and great throat hits! Each clearomizer tube will hold up to 3.0ml of e-liquid.

Filling is easy.  Just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill up the tank.  Replacing coil heads is a snap too.  Simply take apart the tube from the bottom, twist off the heater/coils and screw on another one!

$14.95 Free Shipping

LOWEST PRE-ORDER: Kanger Pro Tank - $16.99

...its vaportekusa

Looks like vaportekusa is going for the throat.

This is THE lowest price your probably going to see for this - ever.

Expected in-stock on or around April 10th

Kanger Pro Tank
Color: Clear
Cartomizer: heating coil is replaceable
Capacity: 2.5ml 800puffs
Resistance: 1.5ohm+/- 0.2 ohm,1.8 +/- 0.2 ohm, 2.2ohm +/- 0.2 ohm, 2.5+/- 0.2 ohm
Suitable voltage: 3.2 - 3.7V
Length: 60mm
Diameter: 10.6mm

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com


LOW: RSST Genesis Atomizer (AC9 CLONE) - $28.80

..its Clouds of Vapor

Everyone wants one.. Here they are and the cheapest your going to find them currently.

  • RSST Genesis Atomizer Nicely Made of Stainless Steel From SmokTech 
  • To use this device you need steel mesh and wire.
  •  It is not included and there are no separate parts available at this time.
  •  Some specs: Length: 48mm Diameter: 22mm Wick hole: 3.4mm Air hole: 1mm
  • Tank made from PP Polypropylene 
  • Made for single wicks.(not a U Wick) 510 connection.

WHERE: http://www.cloudsofvapor.com/

THE DEAL:  Use coupon code "bigbuyer" to bring the total down to $28.80

BOGE F17 TANK - $5.99 Free Shipping

Back in Stock - New Vendor w/ free shipping

...its Surevapes

Here is a great deal on a Boge DCT tank.   This is for the full set up not just the tank.  These are the upgrade to the Boge F-16 tank.  The caps are rounded.  These use both Boge and Smoktech flanged cartomizers. Since this is free shipping, its a deal. Pick one up, try it out.



$5.99 - Free Shipping

ROLLOUT: The Vamo v3 by KSD

...its KSD

The next incarnation of the Vamo is upon us.   KSD has the new vamo in the works and it looks pretty interesting.   From what I have been reading and seeing - this version will feature a new screen and body style.   Gone is the blue / white screen and in with the Sigelei Zmax style screen.  For all intensive purposes this is a cosmetic upgrade with some minor fixes like the spring and the new screen.  Everything else seems to be the same. Hopefully this model will be around the same price tag as the beloved v2.

The next question is when?  There are rumbles in the Co-Op groups but nothing firm.  I'll be looking for something in the next few weeks.  This post itself will probably spark some interest in the co-op groups to get something going.

LOTSOFVAPOR: 50ml - $15.00

...its lotsofvapor

So I was trolling the deals as usual when I came across this deal.  Normally I pimp 30ml and under due to the prices - but this vendor is selling 50ml for just $15.00.  I was impressed with the level of customization you can do to your order.  Going the extra mile is always a good thing.

They sell small 5ml bottles for $3.00 -  which get the same customizable treatment.  If your new to this vendor, pick a few - and come back and load up on the 50ml deal on the flavors you like.

WHERE: http://www.lotsofvapor.com/

$15.00 for 50ml - low shipping


...its Vaporjoes

The maker of pluid is busy making a new flavor.  After the semi success of 710 (orange chocolate) - Murdock is looking for another stunner.

I was lucky to score a bottle of this from Kodiak.  There aren't many bottles around (15 or so)

The Maha Ras is truly unique and wonderful vape.   Its relaxing and filled with everything people love from the Indies.  There are some floral notes, some spice notes, and Indian incense & shesha flavors. It all comes together perfect.  No perfume taste, or overpowering flavors.

If Murdock is still toying with this juice - STOP its perfect.  Another WOW flavor from Murdock.  Far more complex then anything  I have tried before.  Its going to be a big hit.

Its coming with me to Vapefest!


DrawTube (GUS Telescopic Clone) KIT: $69.99 FS

...its Vaporbeast

The Drawtube (Rapture Mod) is a mechanical telescopic mod that was "inspired" by the GUS telescopic mod.  In keeping with the new trend - flat tops are in.

The big difference is the side button vs the bottom button of the GUS.  Ive looked around and all other sellers are sold out or more expensive. This is the KIT, not just the mod tube.


* Mechanical design
* Telescopes so you can use with 18350, 18500, 18650 and other batteries
* Smooth and easy to use "trigger" like button. Extremely comfortable and well positioned
* Beautiful stainless body
* Locking button feature so you can store in your pocket or purse
* 3.7 Volt device with a 510 connection
* Unique top cap design for optimal airflow.


* 1x Drawtube
* 1x 18650 battery
* 1x charger
* 1x premium zipper case


WHERE: http://www.vaporbeast.com/

$69.99 - Free shipping

REQUEST: Panasonic IMR Button Tops - $8.00

..its Hoosiervapes

The vaping community loves the Panasonic CGR18650CHs.  They are very very popular.  However, I get a lot of requests for button tops for users that have mods like the Provari that can't use the flat tops. Button tops are always more expensive, but - these are the cheapest I could come up with.  Provari users - have at it.

WHERE:  http://www.hoosiervapes.com/


Sigelei Brushed Stainless V2 ZMAX - 54.54

...its exhalevapors

Here is a great deal on a brushed stainless Sigelei.  This is the lowest I have seen a sigelei zmax to date.  These are build far better then the standard chrome version.

The ZMAX APV by Sigelei is sleek, powerful, and RELIABLE!  Full featured and extremely well built, Voltage or Wattage can be tuned between 3-6 volts or 3-15 watts respectively.  The ZMAX uses a single 18650 or two 18350 IMR batteries with the included extender cap. Additionally, it will check the atomizer / cartomizer resistance and battery voltage as well!

The ZMAX has a menu item which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.

This version has a non-lighted clear button and very easy to read 2 line OLED display that can be turned off. It has the native eGo/510 connection so it will run the Vision eGo Clearomizers, CE4/5 and other eGo devices without adapters.


WHERE:  http://www.exhalevapors.com

Use coupon code STPATTY to bring the cost down to $54.54




RESERVE: Smok Natural RSST Rebuildable - $67.00

....its Vaportekusa

Here is a deal on the Smoktech Natural and the RSST rebuildable.  This was the original intention from Smoktech.  The RBA and the natural were meant to go together.  Sites are selling justthe RSST RBA for $35.00So for another $30.00 your getting the Natural too.  Which I use all the time - great mod.

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com/



...its Mod Envy

Along with our other  great giveaways from our sponsors - Mod Envy is giving away some new fantastic items for our viewers!

A Small Arsenal Stand - From Aresenal Stands
2 x Kanger Pro Tanks -  From Sun-Vapers
K100 (Empire Clone)  -  From HoosierVapes

Also Mod wraps from Jwraps, E-Cig Kits, Tons of juice and more!

Tonight at 10pm-12am EST


...its stormysvaporcellar

Evods have a big brother called the "Evod MT".  These are the same exact thing as an normal evod but they just hold more juice.  If you like the evod, you will love these due to the higher juice capacity (2.4ml).  The heads are interchangeable.


The eGo 1.8ohm,  2.4ml EVOD MT BCC Clearomizer, smaller than the Kanger MT3 but looks similar.

It is compatible with eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-C Twist battery.

The EVOD MT BCC has three parts, cartomizer body, cartomizer base and EVOD coil unit as shown in picture. The coil unit can be screwed on and off from cartomizer base.

WHERE: http://stormysvaporcellar.com/

$5.99 Ea



DEBUT : Kanger Protank Glassomizer - $21.99

3/16 - Restocked

...its Sun-vapers

The new glassomizer from Kanger is finally for sale and sun-vapers has them at a good price.  Some CoOps for these are selling for more then this price.

This is Kangers plexiglass chome bottom coil tank with replacement heads.  It comes in a beautiful case!  These will sell out quickly!

WHERE: http://www.sun-vapers.com/