So what is all the buzz about?  I keep hearing a lot of rebuilders talk about XC116 like its the second coming.  In Google hangouts and vaping shows.   I contacted the vendor and wanted some more information!

From the Vendor:

What makes XC-116 from so much better than Eko Wool and why is it worth the extra cost? We all know that XC-116 isn’t cheap, but when you look at the cost of it, you need to consider the VALUE of it! So what makes XC-116 so great?

The ability to torch clean it! XC-116 can easily handle heat from a torch, so cleaning it by burning off any gunked up oil off of it is a breeze! XC-116 can handle a constant heat of up to 2,200 Degrees Fahrenheit and peak temperature of 2,600 Degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the best things about XC-116 is that it not only handles this heat, it will handle it repeatedly! It won’t break down like so many other wicking materials do. Eko Wool for example can handle some high temperatures as well, but the material breaks down far sooner than XC-116 will.

Taste is another HUGE advantage of XC-116!  It really is amazing flavor, or more specifically it really is amazing how you don’t get any flavor from XC-116 interfering with the flavor of your juice. When you vape with XC-116 all you will taste is your juice! This is a BIG difference between XC-116 and Eko Wool! Eko Wool has that well known silica taste. XC-116  tastes cleaner than you could imagine. We have even had juice vendors curse us because they have had to re-work their flavor line because with XC-116 they were able to finally taste clearly all of the elements of their juice where they were never able to before!

And lastly, wicking ability of XC-116 is amazing! You don’t need mesh in a Genie anymore. You don’t need to refill your dripper as much. You don’t need to tilt your tank! XC-116 just sucks it up like a vacuum!

It is more expensive then your standard wicking but those that use it - swear by it.


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