...its Vaporjoes


As most of you know I broke the story of the new DNA coming from Evolv late December. Word spread extremely quickly around VaperCon and mere hours later, Brandon came knocking. He steered me to a "private" area at VaperCon to talk about all things VaporJoes.

His first words to me were "I see your blog is popular." I smirked and replied, "I know-- and now you do too." 

He then pressed me to learn how I found out about the new board. You see, there are pillars in our community that have grown so used to how things were in the early formation of the community that they can be blindsided by the way things are today. Such as, how a wise-ass blogger from Jersey sleuths out secrets and breaks them as news to the keenly interested vaping masses. This community isn't static; it's an ever shifting, 'evolving' thing (pun intended) and VaporJoes is on the bleeding edge of it. Brandon understands this now. And as you'll see as you read on, he'll be leading the old pioneers into an age of cooperation that will move information to the masses quicker. It's good for everyone; a win--win--win situation.

... and now, on to the red meat

Rather then repeating our conversation word for word, here are the bullet points. Brandon is fully aware I'm going to publish this on my blog, I told him I would.

1.  The specs on the new "DNA30" are mostly true.

2.  Evolv will release 5 new products in 2014

3.  China has not cloned the DNA20 becuase they cannot crack the software as of yet. He admits however that it's only a matter of time.

  I asked him if there will be a Darwin 2. He gave me a knowing smile.

He plans to turn the industry on its ear again-- like he did with the introduction of variable wattage.

6.  He wants me to pimp some of his products. You will see them in the upcoming days.

7.  He gave me his cellphone number, and I took the liberty of pranking him several times.

What is the "DNA30"?

I'm calling it the DNA30 because he confirmed the specs. I was never given an actual name of the board.  The new board is sitting in a new module that will work in conjunction with a certain mod "system". I'm being vague for a reason. I promised I wouldn't reveal what mod maker-- for now. The board looks VERY similar to the DNA20. At first glance you might think it is the DNA20, and many did, because it was shown off at VaperCon under everyone's nose.