The Origin falls victim to Tobeco.  Does this mean Aqua is not too far behind?  Hcigar has said they have already replicated it, but we have yet to see pictures.  Looks like a pretty well done one to one.

...on a side note that has nothing to do with the Origin.

Considering how fast clones are starting to come out - which mod maker(s) are double dipping and working for China?  Which mod makers are feeding China designs and product only the mod makers themselves have access to?  

How does a mod have a one to one clone BEFORE the original is released to the public?  It would require an inside player, or the mod maker themselves.  

This brings me to their first mistake! Released pictures of clones before the actual authentic product came to market.

Fingers are quietly being pointed, but nothing stays quiet in this community for very long.

This whole argument of cloning is nothing more than a ruse. 
They keep us fighting while a small minority make money from both sides.

When this comes to light - get ready for a shit storm ladies and gentlemen.

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