Not all deals are about mods and accessories.   There are people that need good deals on starter kits and is a GREAT deal on one.   I paid $100.00 for my first starter kit and wasn't even variable voltage.   This is everything someone will need to start vaping - it even includes juice.   A super super cheap price from a USA vendor.

1100mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery Kit

This is the perfect starter kit for a new vaper or as a backup setup. This kit comes with everything you need to start vaping, including about 1 week's worth of e-liquid. The included battery is variable voltage, allowing you to dial in your perfect vape. The CE5 clearomizer holds about 1.6mL of liquid, and the wicks are located on the inside of the center post for more consistent wicking. The 420mA charger will charge the battery quickly; charge it when you go to sleep, and it will last a full day's use! Finally, we've included one of our most popular tobacco-flavored liquids, Hangsen USA Mix with a nicotine strength of 18mg.


1 x Variable Voltage eGo Battery, 1100mAh
1 x 420mA USB eGo Charger
1 x CE5 Clearomizer
1 x 10mL Bottle of e-Liquid (Hangsen USA Tobacco, 18mg)

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