Onvaping - Ultimate Guide to Ecig Studies

I could have put this on my Facebook but I thought it deserved a post.  My blog reaches far more people and I think this requires some serious attention. 

The people over at Onvaping have put together an easy to navigate selection of published ecig studies.   An invaluable resource for our community.   Check it out and spread the word!  I know I'll be checking out this blog everyday.

Time to give that blog some well deserved traffic. :)


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, both with smokers who are wishing to quit and smokers who dislike analog cigarettes but wish to continue exhaling something that closely resembles smoke. While some are quick to jump headlong into new products and devices, there are others who wait for research on the the safety of these new devices before jumping on the bandwagon. Due to these concerns, many leading scientists and health experts around the world have researched the safety of ejuice, second-hand vapor, and the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation device.

Whether you are a smoker looking for a way to quit, a smoker who detests the taste and smell of analogs, someone who is worried about breathing in e-cigarette vapor, or someone who is wanting flavor and taste without the calories or allergens, the studies compiled below should help to alleviate any of your fears regarding the use of e-cigarettes and e-juice.

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