Aspire King Pyrex

Introducing the Anyvape Davide BDC - Bottom Dual Coil 3.0ml Glassomizer! The BDC utilizes a redesigned base that incorporates and accommodates the use of the semi-wickless bottom replaceable dual coils. It uses and is compatible with the Aspire BDC heads:
  • The Davide BDC is about 6mm taller than the regular Davide to accomodate a well performing dual coil head. This head does not have any exposed wicking, instead a sheath feeds an internal wick.
  • Because of this special head arrangement you CANNOT use the replaceable dual coil heads that are used on the Davide BDC on a regular Davide.
  • The Davide BDC adds a special collar at the base to accomodate this new design. If you remove this collar and remove a white plastic sealing grommet at the base of the locking tube(do not lose this as we do not have any replacements at this time) you CAN use regular Davide/Pro-Tank heads in the Davide BDC.
  • The Davide BDC utilizes the Aspire Bottom Coil replaceable heads that you can obtain elsewhere in this category.
  • Comes with a 1.8 ohm dual coil head installed and gives you an additional 2.1 ohm dual coil head. 

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