If you’re looking for a sleek, simplistic and performance driven sub-ohm tank, you’re going to adore the all new Herakles Plus Tank by Sense. The Sense Herakles Plus Tank is the upgraded version of the highly popular and original Herakles Sub-Ohm Tank. Sense has gained its super success because of this very tank, and now you’ll get to experience it better than ever with this upgraded Herakles Plus Tank!

The Herakles Plus Tank by Sense is constructed of stainless steel, which we know to be the best quality. On top of that, it offers a nice look and an increased level of durability. The machining on this tank is precise, and the overall look is simply stunning. On the outside you’ll immediately notice the Herakles Plus lettering, which sits under the glass. The outer chamber is visible through the tank, so the Sense logo has been engraved to add to the tanks appeal.

The Herakles Plus Tank utilizes glass for its tank portion. The glass tank has a 3.6mL e-liquid capacity. New to the Herakles Plus is the way you fill the tank with e-liquid. It now features a top fill system, making filling and refilling quick and painless. It also helps reduce spills, and it integrates an on and off system, which helps eliminate any potential flooding from filling the tank. The Herakles Plus offers plenty of new features, but its most exciting is its airflow. The Herakles Plus has been designed with an inner and outer chamber. This chamber corresponds with the bottom airflow, as well as the newly designed top airflow. By doing this, each airflow system contribute directly to the workings of the Herakles Plus. Speaking of the airflow, the Herakles Plus has an improved top airflow, which will allow the air to travel directly to the coils, rather than having a common auxiliary airflow. In other words, all of the airflow in connected to one another in effort to work together.

As an upgrade, you can imagine that the Herakles Plus features a new coil structure, and it does. The tank makes use of a new coil structure, a Sense Patented Tri Parallel coil design that features a pre-installed 0.4 ohm Kanthal coil, which allows you to range from 35 to 100 watts, and a 316L stainless steel 0.2 ohm coil that allows you to range from 35 to 80 watts. As you would expect, the unique and plentiful airflow, and the new Tri Parallel coil design provides great flavor and an incredible vapor production that you won’t want to miss out on.

Features and Specifications
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Glass Tank
  • Newly Designed Top Airflow (Travels To Coil Through Outer Chamber)
  • Quad Top and Bottom Airflow
  • Top Fill System
  • On and Off System (Eliminates Flooding)
  • 3.6mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • Copper Contact
  • New Tri Parallel Coil Design
  • 0.4 ohm Kanthal Coil: 35W - 100W
  • 0.2 ohm 316L Stainless Steel Coil: 35W - 80W