Every year the Ashtray blog asks some of the biggest names in vaping their predictions for the next year.   
I have been privileged to be asked the last 3 years.

What is my prediction for 2016? 

If you look at my past predictions you will find I’m extremely accurate. This is a warning to all vendors.

This year my predictions are a bit more grim. This has nothing to do with regulation or the FDA but more about a market correction. The Ecig market is saturated.

It seems every vapor wants to start an online business, a juice line, or open a store. All saturated markets eventually have a bubble – and that bubble will eventually burst.

Unfortunately we have reached this moment. The gravy train is over. Many online and physical store locations are going out of business and many once popular juice lines are dying off.

As much as we hate this, it is necessary. This clears the dead wood from the industry, allowing for more innovations. The cream truly does rise to the top.

Companies that think smart and invest smart will survive this correction. Vendors that continue to think spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on useless promotion (i.e. booth babes, stripper poles, and exotic cars at ecig shows) – will find themselves the first to die off.

With that grim news out of the way we can talk juice and hardware.

Juice prices will continue to fall. With this saturated market less and less people will spend $20.00 on a 30ml bottle of juice. As I did with hardware, I have been pushing very aggressively for juice prices to come down. I only promote companies that have reasonable prices and it is working. The average juice price has been cut in half at most locations. Companies wholesaling juice from expensive lines are dumping them at bargain basement prices.

I expect this trend to continue through 2016.

In terms of hardware, I believe tube mods will make a come-back. Over the last year we have seen the prolific production of box mods continue. While I still prefer box mods, vapers get bored quickly and unless there is some sort of new innovation, tube mods may be the back in style by Q3 or Q4 of 2016.