FUGGINVAPOR - BANG JUICE : $1.58 /12ML - $3.98 30ML

Yes ladies and gentlemen there is a company called bang and yes they have a flavor called camel toe!  We found this on Fugginvapor while messing around on Mod Envy.  I saw they had a flavor called Camel Toe and it was a no brainer.  I had to buy it.  I also bought every flavor they had because of the price.  The flavors are actually pretty good and for $1.58 for 12ml and $3.98 for 30ml -- it's worth a try even if it's because of their crazy names.

The classic line "What you vape'in on" will really change when you say "camel toe".  They also have about 20 other flavors that have some very interesting names and flavors.