Regardless of your take on this virus, there are realities we all must face.

This is not meant to scare or start a vaping panic of any kind.  This is just preparing you for what I see being an issue.  I tend to be very nonchalant about most problems but I take this one a bit more serious.  I have the inside track on the industry so this was coming days ago. I just needed to confirm a few things before I went public.
It may not seem like it now but Vaping Supply chains are starting break down.  I was on the phone with many different companies.   One prime example of this  TFA.  They closed their website down so no more flavoring from them until this outbreak is under control.  There will be more closures to follow.   Many of the biggest ejuice companies have completely halted  production.  .

The first responders are your vape shops.  Unfortunately, most are closed or will be closed at some point due to the outbreak. Some will be able to get an exemption in some states. However, to the average vaper that depends on vape shops - they will be SOL.

Your next obvious choice is online ordering.   There you see plenty of stock.  That stock was bought and paid for months ago.   If things remain exactly how they are today with no change at all - you will see a massive shortage in as little as 30 days.  As more restrictions come down - their will literately be no one in the warehouse to pack and ship your orders.

Normally I'd say go buy from China but that's not an option anyone if they putting something in their body.   I would buy mods and accessories from China but juice in this current outbreak - not so much. 

So there will be a run on juice at some point.  Again, I am not trying to start a panic,  I am just keeping people informed about things I know about.   I'd rather see my readers get their juice now before it starts to get tight.

I will be here on the front lines helping the masses find juice if and when it becomes harder and harder to find.    We always have forums like VU, EFC, Planet of Vapes and others with solid DIY sections.

Nicotine wont be the first problem. Things like flavorings, bottles, labels, packaging, distribution, and packing/shipping that will be first to go.

A vendor might have all the flavoring and nic in the world but they dont have bottles, fda compliant labels and packaging - they can't move.

You will begin to see ejuice prices tick up as supply and demand kicks in.  

There are no regulations on prices or price gauging when it comes to our market. Especially the online ejuice market.

In the end. Id rather be wrong on this then right.