EPIC SALE: 6 X 60ML BOTTLES - $40.50

 If you feeling overwhelmed during the holiday season, then maybe you should consider picking up this bundle that contains a few sugary vape juices like no other. The Finest Holiday Bundle will include three unique blends from The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid collection that are mouthwatering from start to finish. Since each flavor comes in a packaging that includes two 60ml unicorn bottles, this means that the bundle will bring you a total of 360ml of e liquid at an affordable price. Try each one out, and if you are in a giving mood, feel free to give away a bottle of two. However, after indulging in Strawberry Custard, Lemon Custard, and Vanilla Almond Custard, perhaps sharing will become a concept you forget about. Treat yourself to The Finest Holiday Bundle or you will possibly regret it once it is gone. 


  • Strawberry Custard - The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid - The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid is a wonderful collection that definitely has several vape juices in its roster ready to satisfy our sweet tooth. One of those is the professionally-crafted Strawberry Custard. It is made from several premium ingredients that make many of us salivate from inhale to exhale. This one of a kind blend is available in a unique packaging that includes two 60ml unicorn bottles. This means that everyone will receive a total of 120ml when they order this incredible blend. Each bottle will also be pretty durable and compact so that people feel comfortable traveling around with it if needed. No one knows if our tank or pod will require some refilling while on the road. Choose from one of three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and start puffing away with the level of intensity that will hit the spot every single time. Take a pull and savor the immaculate sugary combination of some ripe strawberry and freshly made custard. Enjoy the smooth and creamy sensation that is out of this world. Feel free to indulge as much as you want when you have Strawberry Custard by The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid because your taste buds will most likely appreciate it. Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Custard  
  • Vanilla Almond Custard - The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid - If you are searching for a decadent vape juice that will satisfy your sweet tooth, then you have definitely come to the right place. Vanilla Almond Custard is brought to us by the incredible collection The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid, which is famously known for using several premium ingredients when developing their e liquids. After one pull, it will not take long for one to realize how using high-quality stuff truly improves the vaping experience. Vanilla Almond Custard is available in a pack of two 60ml unicorn bottles that brings us a total of 120ml. Not only is this a ton of vape juice for us to enjoy for quite a while, but one also has the comfort of traveling around with one of the compact and durable unicorn bottles if necessary. There are three different nicotine strengths one can choose to enjoy this magnificent blend, 0mg,  3mg, and 6mg, and each one brings something different to the trip. Take a hit and quickly fall in love with the sugar rush one might receive when savoring the blend quickly making its way into the palate. The vanilla notes and creamy custard is mouthwatering, and the almond hints even add a crunchy sensation to the entire adventure. Vanilla Almond Custard is an e liquid that might become the blend you always have to keep in stock in your own collection of vape juices. Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Almond, Custard
  • Lemon Custard - The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid - Treats your taste buds to a unique sugary dessert-inspired e liquid that will most likely keep you coming back for more. Lemon Custard is one of the vape juice juices brought to us from the well-known collection The Finest Crème Da La Crème E Liquid. Made from high-quality ingredients, this one of a kind blend is prepared to satisfy the palate whenever one taste a hit and enjoys the potent primary flavors. Lemon Custard is available in a package of two 60ml unicorn bottles, which adds up to a total of 120ml of vape juice for us to indulge whenever necessary. With the compact bottles, feel free to carry one around with you and allow it to become your travel companion. Choose from one of three nicotine strengths, 0mg,  3mg, and 6mg, and start appreciating this blend with the intensity that will frequently hit the spot. Take a hit and fall in love with the citrusy and zesty lemon that is mouthwatering, and go crazy over the creamy custard that seems to have several sweet notes. It melts in the palate possibly puts you in a relaxed state so that you can focus on everything that Lemon Custard has to offer. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Custard